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Walk in Closet and Master Bath Vanity

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

We recently completed a master bath and walk in closet project for some clients. Here are a few snapshots of the design, build, and installation of the custom cabinetry. Some specific needs that dictated the design was the amount of dresser storage needed, but in a tight space. Therefore, we had to design and build these dresser units to be able to fit, but also provide the most storage as possible. The other issue we had to face was being able to get the amount of pieces into the upstairs of a house through a bedroom and master bath and into the walk in closet. Therefore, we decided to design each unit as a separate piece and then assemble together once in the room.

We also designed and built a custom master bath vanity for a double sink unit as well as the completion of an upper cabinet above the vanity. This design and build turned out amazing and we were very thankful that our clients loved the finished results!

We also tried a new supplier for hinges and drawer slides (Blum). These Blum soft close hinges and drawer slides were worth it. The instructions provided by the manufacturer were well written and easy to follow (besides having to convert the metric measurements), and the quality I felt was outstanding. We will definitely recommend this brand to future clients!

Here is a short clip of the drawer slide action after install.

Here are the links to the drawer slides and hinges from Blum:

Also, here are some further photos from the build stages and paint process:

Thanks for visiting our blog, and please reach out to us for any future projects that you may have!

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